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Members of the Executive Board:

Neda Moeini - Founding President
Neda Moeini A Canadian of Iranian origin, Neda Moeini was born into a family celebrated for its devotion to the importance of education and for its support of scholarly pursuits. Indeed Mrs. Moeini's mother, Mrs. Najibeh Nouri-Milani, dedicated her life to the education of children both in her native land of Iran and in Canada, where she passed away a pioneer in keeping the Persian language alive for the children of thousands of Iranian newcomers over the years.

Mrs. Moeini is a graduate of the Computer science and Software Development programme from York University in Toronto, where she has kept her ties by way of supporting the institution in its efforts to introduce a Persian-language department.

Upon graduation, Mrs. Moeini left Canada for some years to start a life in Germany with her husband, Ata Moeini. In 1991, resettled in the Toronto area with her young family, Mrs. Moeini and her husband started the Group of Gold Line Companies, a business venture which began with providing high quality, affordable, prepaid long distance; but grew in less than 10 years to a world-embracing enterprise offerings services in every area of communication!

As the Senior Vice President of the company, Mrs. Moeini has initiated a bursary at the University of Toronto Law School and the establishment of the Group of Gold Line International Human Rights Internships, which will allow law students to work on human rights issues in foreign countries over their summer holidays. Mrs. Moeini has always believed in the true value of education in personal fulfilment as well as in collective prosperity for humanity, and has left her notable mark by funding several schools and educational centres in Africa, South America and Canada.

Mrs. Moeini's charitable endeavours cross the educational boundaries well into backing several projects in medical science and cancer research. She also supports the "Abilities Arts Festival", a disability arts organisation that promotes diversity and "the power of the art as a means of enriching the cultural fabric of our communities."

But mostly her greatest passion to stand up for equality and justice has led her steps to the creation of E Live Learning with an earnest desire to make it possible for youth who -- despite their potential for acquiring knowledge and keen longing to pursue higher education -- are deprived of this basic right to fulfil their dreams!
Anissa Moeini - Member
Anissa Moeini Anissa Moeini
Instructional Technology and Media
International Educational Development
Columbia University